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Below you will find a variety of educational videos - Benefit yourself Series -  and follow along exercises videos - Let's get Feezycal Series . Click on the thumbnails and it will direct you to Physical Health by dr. Potter You Tube Channel.. 

Everything you need to know about constipation
pelvic floor relaxation for managing pelvic pain
treating organ prolapse
treating organ prolapse
Bladder issues, controlling urgency frequency and urinary leakage
using tape to help hand wrist with pain or providing stabilization
using tape to help elbow and wrist with pain or providing stabilization
using tape to help knee with pain or providing stabilization
cardio exercises no impact, everything done on a seated position
loosing weight by walking, monitoring diet
legs and arm exercises combination - whole body workout
standing cardio exercises but no impact, so no joint pain but burning lots of calories
sitting stretches for back and hip pain, sciatic pain, and pelvic pain
body mechanics around the house to prevent back pain and promote healthy spine
gettign rid of back stiffness in the morning, perfect routine for any age
Plank exercises for abdominal stablization and shoulder stregnthening
kbnee stabilization exercises basics, ideal for post op rehabilitation
Knee stabilization exercises part 2, for non surgical knee
shoulder stabilization exercises wiht low resistance
abdominal exercises no crunches, functional abs stabilization
balance exercises, growing older gracefully and safely
balance exercises, growing older gracefully and safely part 2 more advance exercises
pain managment with topical creams
pain managment with back stretch, preventing back pain by stretching at work
when to use heat versus cold for pain managment
pain managment with TENS unit, eletrical stim
common reasons why sex may hurt
Post-prostatectomy rehabiliation, what to expect post surgically
Kegels are boring but it does not have to be. PERIFIT brings the fun to kegels
Pilates exercise, basics for good stabilization
Kombucha is a good source of probiotic - video on how to make it
Simple exercises that can improve sexual fitness
How to select to correct shoes for your feet
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