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Welcome to Potter PT Store

Here you will find several links for equipment, props and supplements commonly used and recommended by Dr. Potter during the physical therapy session.
All links will  redirect you to my Amazon Associate website and make your live easier by connecting you to the specific items used in the clinic.

As an Amazon Associate I earn a commission from qualifying purchases.

Check the video button  for additional information on some of the products. It will direct you to You Tube channel - Physical Health By Dr. Potter.

tiger balm for pain management

Topical cream for pain management. Great for muscle spasm

Set of 2 cold pack. Super soft and molds around your body

Cold or heat gel pack for pain management
TENS unit for alternative pain treatment recommended by Dr. Potter

Electrical Stimulation Unit for pain management

Compression stocking to manage swelling and prevent leg pain

Compression Stocking to manage swelling and  pain

20-30 mmHg compression

Medical History and Health Journal

Medical History and Health Journal - 6 months

Medical Journal Book and Diary for EDS Management

Medical History and Health Journal - 3 months

Back brace for pain management recommended by Dr. Potetr

Back brace by Muller

Great support for back pain

Neck brace for neck instability

Soft collar neck support/brace

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