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Frequent Asked Questions

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What types of health insurance does the clinic accept?

Potter Physical Therapy is a self-pay clinic and Medicare Part B

VACCN - Community care 

What are your costs for each session with the Physical Therapy?

The initial evaluation can cost between $150  to $200 and the weekly treatment sessions are $100 each. We can provide you an superbill to submit to your insurance carrier. Concierge Physical Therapy, Wellness and Fitness cost $150 minimum of 2 hours.

Do I need a doctor’s referral?

You do not need a order from a doctor to been seen by Dr. Potter. It is preferable that you have a script from your physician, as our clinic needs to have the plan of care signed within 30 days.  Call us and we will help you with this.

Fitness and Wellness clients do not need a prescription from your doctor.

What is your new patient procedure?

Call the clinic at (813) 265-3033 or go online to book an appointment. Please arrive 15 minutes earlier to your appointment do paperwork if you have not done online at the patient portal. CLICK HERE to book on line.

What is Pelvic Floor rehabilitation and what should I expect at the initial visit?

At the initial encounter Dr. Potter goes over all issues related to pelvic floor muscles, the pelvic examination and the musculoskeletal evaluation and examination. She covers all areas that could potential be interfering the with the functional of the pelvic floor muscles including but not limited to: bladder, bowel, pre and post partum, sexual function, pelvic pain, endometriosis, scar tissue, post hysterectomy or any abdominal surgery, post chemotherapy, post radiation.
She has been a pelvic floor physical therapist for over 16 years and has taken extensive courses in the women's health area to stay up to date with her skills and knowledge.
The initial evaluation also includes a pelvic examination to assess the pelvic floor muscles (vaginal/rectal) function, coordination, muscle tone, muscle recruitment. The therapist will discuss with you the value of this examination and upon agreement of both parts (PT and patient) the examination will take place at the initial visit or subsequent visit.

 What should I expect at the initial visit for EDS/HSD?

The EDS and HSD Initial Evaluation is more specific than the general orthopedic evaluation. It requires additional training to be a skilled EDS physical therapist. Dr. Potter has over 6 years of experience in working with patient with connective tissue disorder and takes a very through and holistic approach in examining and evaluation an individual with EDS or HSD. 

During the initial encounter Dr. Potter systematically approaches the following areas: areas of the body that have pain and their functional impact, headaches, POTS, Bowel, Bladder, MCAS, Dislocations/Subluxations, Sleep patterns, needs for braces and compression garments, medical history,  musculoskeletal assessments, activity level, posture, breathing, medication review.

At initial session patient will received written recommendation on home exercise plan, recommendation and need to follow up with specialist for further examination.

What do patients say about Dr. Potter?

5 star review from patient that was treated by Dr. Adriana Potter PT DPT
5 star review from patient that was treated by Dr. Adriana Potter PT DPT
5 star review from patient that was treated by Dr. Adriana Potter PT DPT

What is the evidence that pelvic floor therapy helps with decreasing erectile dysfunction?

Click on the following link to open documents that explains how pelvic floor physical therapy can help males on decreasing erectile dysfunction.

General explanation of the Program

Summary of the Evidence based practice based on reviews of scholarly articles.

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